Help save Gardens Theater from being demolished

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With 20 years of history, QUT's Gardens Theater has now been scheduled for demolition at the end of next year. Why? Law faculty wants to build a new building and Gardens theater's current position is the chosen spot. Theaters across Brisbane are being teared down with no good reason. The theater is there to host touring productions, provide educational learning experiences for our many talented students, provide jobs to university students and to create an income for QUT. if anything, it should be getting a renovation to cater for our ever evolving performing arts world. For 20 years, students have signed their names on the walls, creating a lasting impression on the building history and atmosphere. the current technicians employed by QUT, who have been running this venue and coaching the next generation of technicians, will now be jobless. Where else are our Dance, Drama, Acting and Technical Production students going to receive the experience of a real theater within QUT. Please help us to save this historic venue. It shouldn't have to be killed just to build another generic building. QUT has plenty of them. Even if you aren't apart of this venue's community, sign the petition to do the right thing