Mackay Eungella road speed review

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Mackay-Eungella road has always been a hot spot for car accidents for as long as I can remember. I have lived on this stretch of road my whole life, continually being warned of it’s dangers and witnessing it daily. I am asking you to sign your name to have the stretch of road between the Branscombe turnoff to Marian Melba house on eungella road reduced to 80klm  and the Pleystowe School Road, John Cook bridge intersection redesigned or have a further reduced speed. We have seen accident after accident, cars being launched into neighbours yards, neighbours family passing in their own drive ways and experiencing near misses regularly while cars don’t slow down or stay alert. This stretch of road sees more traffic then ever since the Marian estates have been established. The intersection referenced above is a danger zone with high speed overtaking on outside of vehicles trying to turn off becoming the norm, unaware of the traffic around them or the little room they have. I have had semi trucks over take the outside of me after indicating for ages waiting for oncoming traffic. This is not a one off statement and I am tired of witnessing family and friends injured because we live here. I have contacted main roads and council in the past but require evidence and I don’t believe we can get change unless we all have a say. If you have any information to add please do.