Townsville Flood Financial Support

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As a Townsville property owner impacted by the local floods I am frustrated by the constant excuses for financial support. My insurance company says I am not covered because flood damage is not in my policy (we had no choice they were the only company who would take us on and they excluded flood cover). I know other people are being told it was not a flood event so they are not covered. I am ineligible for government assistance because my property is a rental. Meanwhile I feel confused, frustrated and let down by an industry that loves to take our money, but finds way not to pay when they can. I don't understand how companies can refuse to cover people for events when it suits them. I don't understand why I have less rights regarding financial support for my property because it is a rental.  The only thing that keeps me positive is seeing the way the locals, emergency services and volunteers are working together to help. My tenant actually cleaned up and helped to minimize our damage and took photos all the while so hopefully one day we will find someone to help. Can the government please help for those who have no where to turn. If the insurance companies are going to find loop holes and the government won't support those with rental properties, what other options do we have - is there a class action here that we are missing. I am not looking for hand outs, just relief. I also accept that my impact is very minor compared to some losses, damages and people living there. If this petition can find a way to support all then I would be extremely relieved, thankful and maybe able to sleep again at night.