Oppose Unfair COVID 19 Renter Protection Package Urgently !

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Australian Proprietors Alliance Incorporated (APA) appeals that all property owners and real estate workers stand united to oppose unfair Queensland Labor government’s proposed  COVID-19 Protections for Residential Tenants and Owners (“Renter Protection Package”),  safeguard our legal interest and social equity Urgently !

Our intention is to “Advance Australia Fair “, give landlords a fair go so landlords can give tenants a fair go during this coronavirus pandemic.

We support the need for tenant protection during COVID-19,  however, we are fundamentally opposed to some of the proposed measures. You should be too. As a landlord, you will ultimately foot the bill if the following proposals are introduced:

  • Your tenant/s will NOT have to pay back any rent. Put simply, a rent reduction negotiated with your tenant/s is a permanent rent waiver meaning you, as the landlord, will be out of pocket, with no means of recovering any unpaid rent in the future post COVID-19.
  • You CANNOT ask your tenant/s for any proof of financial hardship. Your tenant/s can request reduced rent due to COVID-19 without any proof. This potentially exposes you to false claims and exploitation of the proposed protections for those who genuinely need it.
  • Your Landlord Insurance will NOT cover you for rent in arrears*. The normal terms of your policy won’t cover the rent reduction as this is a mutual agreement between you, as the landlord, and your tenant and you cannot follow the necessary rent default process as this is prohibited. (*Please contact your relevant insurer for individual policy conditions)
  • Your tenancy agreement WILL immediately extend by 6 months if it expires during the 6 month

More than 70% of property investors owns only one investment property,  and will only be required to pay land tax if the site value exceeds $600k per person or $350k per trust/company. With Brisbane median house price of less than $580k, most of the vulnerable landlords will not get a single cent from the “generous land tax waiver for 3 months and deferment if 3 months”. Only the mega wealthy landlords will get some benefits out of the whole deal.

While we support the protection of tenants who are in financial distress due to this pandemic, the scope of the Renter Protection Package is too broad in its application. We are calling on Queensland Labor Government to amend the following aspects of the Renter Protection Package:

  1. Introduce rent deferrals rather than permanent rent waiver rights for tenants. This aligns with the Federal Government model and framework adopted/being adopted in other jurisdictions;
  2. Introduce a minimum income reduction threshold for tenants to meet before they qualify for the protection measures. In New South Wales, a 25% income reduction requirement applies;
  3. Introduce a standard requirement for tenants to substantiate a rent reduction request to allow landlords to make properly informed and fair decisions about rent reductions;
  4. Introduce clear guidelines on property entry requirements, and broaden the range of activities allowed to continue, subject to applicable safety and hygiene protocols;
  5. Remove the proposed break lease right that allows tenants to simply walk away from tenancy agreements with only 1 weeks’ notice notwithstanding that those tenants are afforded all the other protections provided under the Renter Protection Package; and,
  6. Remove the proposed automatic right to a 6-month tenancy agreement extension which in effect introduces a 12-month moratorium in Queensland with the consequential imposition of permanent rent waivers that would be extended over this additional period.
  7. The state government should use some of the LandTax collected on helping the more vulnerable small landlords.
  8. Give interest-free loan to tenants and ways for tenants to pay back at the end of the day and not let them run away.
  9. The government should stop the banks charging higher interest rates for investors. If the rates could be the same as home loans, all investors should be happy.

Now you understand how the Palaszczuk Government’s proposed Special COVID-19 Protections favour tenants at the expense of landlords. You may have more detail information please click the link  REIQ CEO Explain

Together we can make a difference and achieve a more balanced outcome for landlords. Whether you’re a landlord or real estate supporter, all it takes is a few simple steps for change to take place:

STEP ONE:  Copy paste the appropriate template letter in the links provided below into an email.

Template letter for landlords

Template letter for real estate supporters

STEP TWO: Insert your name at the end of the letter in your email.

STEP THREE: Copy and paste the following subject header into your email: Urgent Review of Special COVID-19 Residential Property Protections

STEP FOUR: Copy and paste Premier Palaszczuk’s and Deputy Premier Trad’s  email address into the recipient area in your email: 

 thepremier@premiers.qld.gov.au, Deputy.premier@ministerial.qld.gov.au

STEP FIVE: Press send.

It’s never been so simple to have your voice be heard. And because everyone matters in real estate, spread the word and encourage others to have their say and let’s all be heard together as one.

Now is the time to speak up before Parliament sits on Wednesday, 22 April 2020 to introduce amendments.

When we stand together, we are stronger . APA belongs to all proprietors. Your input will make APA stronger.

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