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Privatisation is the handing over of government services to non-government service providers.

The government has released its flawed response to the the flawed ‘independent’ Costello report and has announced its plans for privatisation of health services, disability services, child protection, housing schools, and prisons. It's privatisation dressed up as contestability. 

This document is not a blueprint for Queensland’s future, it’s a recipe for destruction. It represents an ideological goal of hollowed-out public services, job losses, less accountability to the public, and massive economic pain. 

Here and abroad, privatisation has been a recipe for worse services, lower wages, and less access for those most in need.

Privatisation of public services means:
• No accountability for when service delivery goes wrong.
• No say for the community in the management of local hospitals, prisons or schools.
• Cost-cutting and job losses.
• Fewer services for people in need.
• Less access to services that regional families rely on.
• Less support for hospital patients, the elderly, the sick, and those in need.
• Private companies running our prisons for a profit.
• Schools that are run to focus on budgets and not the interests of the local community.

Campbell Newman promised that there would be no privatisation of Queensland assets ‘without a mandate’ but his government is now walking away from that promise, and walking away from its responsibility to deliver services.

We are saying to Campbell Newman: no privatisation, not now, not ever. Keep Queensland’s services public and accountable, not run by big companies for profit.

For the Queensland we all deserve. 

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Letter to
Queensland Premier Campbell Newman
Queenslanders want a plan for quality services, and are calling on you to listen to the community and reject any plans for privatisation.

You recently held your Queensland Plan Summit in Mackay to shape Queensland's future. Now, as part of this process, all Queenslanders want to build a better future, part of this plan should include details on how elected representatives should live up to their responsibility to deliver services, not just act as a sales agent for our services. We have seen your flawed plan for privatisation in response to the Costello Report, a flawed plan that will make it harder for Queensland families to get the best services no matter where they live and what they earn.

We're asking you to reject privatisation and work with the community for a real plan for Queenslanders, a plan for better services, a plan for the Queensland that we all deserve.

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