I have terminal breast cancer and I need Voluntary Assisted Dying Laws in Queensland now.

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My name is Tanya Battel.   Over the last two years I have watched Victoria and WA pass their respective Voluntary Assisted Dying Bills.  We were relying on the Qld Premier to act urgently on the Recommendations of the Qld End of Life Choices Inquiry which included a "model draft Bill" from Professors Ben White & Lindy Wilmott (QUT Health & Law Faculty).  The Recommendations of the comprehensive Inquiry were strong - that this legislation should be introduced.  Rather than act on this when the Premier could have done so - she has now chosen to flick it to the Qld Law Reform Commission and has given them until March of 2021 to provide their input.  Why? As one of the Committee members said - the draft legislation could have been sent to the Qld Law Reform Commission 18 months ago.  If the ALP do not regain power, we cannot rely on the LNP to act on anything for at this point their leader chooses to not commit.  Meanwhile 1 Queenslander ends their own life every 4 days because of suffering.

I have battled breast cancer for 22 years.  It is now terminal. The cancer has spread to my lung and my abdomen.

I have had 4 years of chemotherapy but the cancer won't go away. The side effects of treatment make me feel sick and I am miserable and frightened.

I face the prospect of a horrible, painful death as the cancer moves to my bones, my organs and my brain.  This is what I fear more than anything else – not death - but the long, drawn out process of dying.  

I nursed both my parents at the end of their lives.  It was awful.  It was horrific. No-one should have to suffer like that.  Dying people deserve the right to choose when they have had enough. 

I want the right to ask a doctor to help me have a peaceful death. Queenslanders expect more and they have waited long enough. 

I don’t have time to wait. 

85% of the community wants these laws.  

I plead with the Qld  Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk to allow me the right to die peacefully and painlessly when my suffering becomes unbearable. 

Please join me in asking the Premier to make this legislation a priority NOW - not next year or the year after.  

If you are passionate about this voluntary option for all Queenslanders, please Like/Follow my work through my Facebook page - VALE - Voluntary Assisted Life Ending.  

Thank you, Tanya