Queensland Policing Defects on 4X4's

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The 4x4 Community is disgusted at the QLD policing units blitzing the modifications on their 4x4 vehicles. In many cases the cars are being impounded with defects and leaving people without the option to have the situation rectified and costing more finances than necessary. No warnings given and yet these cars are legal in both NSW and VIC. What is there serious issue here??? The QLD Government given the QLD police a power trip to gather revenue is how this is being viewed to the public and is not acceptable. Car sales yards are selling defected vehicles if this is the situation as they are a package "upgrade". The QLD Government must rectify this situation Immediately. Unfair go guys.... 


The reason behind this petition is to highlight there needs to be a change in legislation in regards to modifications to be more inline with the rest of the country. Let common sense prevail.