Stop hooning on our beaches

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We have been camping on beaches since we were kids ... but we don’t anymore. Why? Because it dangerous and uncomfortable. 

People driving dangerously, doing donuts, sitting in ute trays or hanging off vehicles, drink driving and simply disobeying road rules, endangering not only their lives but the lives of those around them  is more common than you’d like to think.

Most beaches around Queensland (and no doubt the rest of Australia too) have this happening on a regular basis and we are absolutely sick to death of it.

We were the first on the scene of a car rollover on the beach this morning where 4 young kids were without car seats, some without seatbelts and one was thrown clean out the window. Speed and dangerous driving seemed to be the cause. This was horrific. Ambulances, police, fire and rescue and a chopper all called in. This was devastating, expensive and avoidable. 

I’m too scared to camp at Teewah Beach or Double Island Point any more and I would never take my kids there and after speaking to many others I know they feel exactly the same.

We don’t beach camp at well known places during peak times. The last time we did it would have been over 12 months ago at DI. By day we had idiots driving dangerously (usually drinking while in the tray of a Ute speeding and doing donuts) right where kids and families were playing and by night they were drunk and one guy was screaming, threatening to set the campsite alight and kill everyone for hours before drunkenly driving through the campsite. I was so thankful we were in the tent on the roof. I vowed I’d never go back after that.

These are the people that ruin it for everyone… Pretty soon all the beaches will be closed down and no one will be able to enjoy them. How angry am I? VERY ANGRY. And you should be too.

I am starting this petition to demand an increase in policing of any beaches where vehicles are allowed to drive and harsher penalties for those who break the rules. This is a matter of urgency, especially where beach camping is permitted. 

I would also like to ask for a ‘name and shame’ policy to apply where people who witness this behaviour can load their footage to an offical page (managed by Queensland Police if possible) where the crime can be followed up. 


Please join with us to help make our beaches safe.