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Call to humanely cull the Katter Australian Party (better them than the flying foxes)

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In response to the Katter Australian Party's demand to cull flying foxes as a condition for their support for major parties forming the next Queensland Government, we the undersigned suggest an alternative cull ... that of the Katter Australian Party. 

  • Flying foxes are a keystone indigenous species
  • They deliver strong benefits to our environment - pollinating our forests and reducing the impact of global warming, and helping agriculture.
  • They're also awesomely cute, and the tourists love them (which is a another way these beautiful creatures contribute to our economy). 

By contrast, the Katter Australian Party is:

  • composed of introduced non-indigenous species,
  • They're a bit feral.
  • They're loud and obnoxious and probably detrimental to the Australian environment.
  • They also seem to be increasing beyond sustainable levels.

A humane cull of KAP may be warranted to control their numbers and protect the Australian environment. We emphasise that it should be humane .... so whacking them over the head with cricket bats and golf clubs is probably out. We propose that they be humanely euthanised - de-sensitising them first by making them sit through videos of any speech/interview with Clive Palmer (after which, euthanising them is probably the best kindness we could do).

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