Inciting Violence Against Police | Art Display at GOMA (QLD government owned art gallery)

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An inappropriate art piece is openly on display for all ages at GOMA (QLD government owned art gallery) and denotes:

My Strong View is this piece is inciting and perpetuating violent attitudes against police. It's concerning given its 'current & topical' nature. 

Our goal is to send a strong message that no single group in society should be targeted with hatred images or messages inciting violence within government funded facilities.

Please sign this petition if you agree, so we can demonstrate unified disapproval and request for its removal. 

Alternatively, you can lodge a complaint with:

Additionally worth noting: 

  • This Piece has NO AGE Restrictions to View and is displayed at the entryway of GOMA (My view is that immature audiences can be unduly desensitised to violence and disrespect against police as well as other emergency and care services - including ambulance officers, emergency nurses and doctors and teachers). 

Thank you for considering to support this petition.