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Queensland Motorways: Drop exorbitant Toll Fees

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A current car toll across the Gateway Bridge is $4.04 and annual revenue for Queensland Motorways is over $90 million.

Current list of fees (as at March, 2013):

Video Matching Fee $0.43
For each trip on the Queensland Motorways road network where a tag is not detected in the vehicle at the time of passage*.

Retail Service Fee $1.08
For each pass purchased through the retail network.
This fee is not applied to top-ups made on accounts using a go via account card

Manual Top-up Fee $1.08
For each manual top-up made on any go via account.
The fee is deducted from your account after the full payment amount as been credited.

Requested Statement Fee $3.24
For a requested statement, fee for each paper or email statement that you request from us. **

Direct Debit Return Payment Fee
Subject to the relevant bank charge

Tag Non-return Fee $43.19
For each tag that is not returned to Queensland Motorways on closure of a go via account, or for when your tag has been lost or stolen

Unpaid Toll Notice Fee $7.56
For a pre-paid account which has not been maintained in credit in accordance with the go via terms and conditions or for an Unpaid Toll Notice is issued.

Demand Notice Fee $21.60
For a Demand Notice that is issued for Queensland registered vehicles

Interstate Demand Notice Fee $10.00
For a Demand Notice that is issued for interstate registered vehicles

Nobody likes fees, but no one can argue that these fees are justified! How can it cost $7.56 to send a late payment letter? How can it cost $21.60 to send another one?? And why are interstate motorists slugged more based on where they live? It costs less for a company to send a letter than it does to buy a stamp, and it costs the same to send a letter down the street as it does to send one interstate! And why does it cost $1.08 to top up your account when you have the funds available, as opposed to a direct debit which will most likely overdraw your account, earning you a fee from your bank!

These fees are ridiculous and unfair. The Gateway Bridge has certainly paid for itself over and over, it's time for motorists to stop getting slugged so hard.

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