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Register all pushbike riders over 18yrs old.

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This morning it was shown on T.V. news that a cyclist was almost run over by a car as the cyclist was overtaking on the inside of a line of traffic, there was a driver wanting to cross the stationary cars which the stationary drivers were allowing him/her to do so...Fortunately for the bike rider this vehicle driver saw him on the bike in time & stopped,otherwise the rider would have been injured or worse..After this incident the rider returned, abused the driver & appeared to "spit" on the drivers car & ride off..These bike riders have no form of visual identification & there seems to be no way to trace them after an incident....I am proposing that the Government make it compulsory for ALL riders over the age of 18 be registered, pay for registration,T.P.P insurance & be made to carry a valid  riders licence when riding similar to a motorist who pays for everything including a road tax so as these riders can't ,break traffic laws (including overtaking on the inside of stationary traffic) & then get away without  any way of being tracked down by Police & therefore do as they please without penalty..(I am sure that the State Treasurer could do with the revenue raised from their registration as well).... 


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