Calling on the Qld Government to remove Shark nets during humpback whale migration season

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Too many Humpback whales are getting caught in the shark nets placed along the Queensland coastline. Once caught in the nets, the whales become increasingly entangled as they struggle to escape from the shark nets, ropes and buoys. This causes the whale to grow tired and risk drowning.

The process to rescue and untangle a whale requires the specialist services of Seaworld and or other marine organisations to go out and help free the whale and or it's baby calf.

Around August which is towards the end of the humpback whale migration season when the whales are returning with their baby calves, the whales tend to navigate into the southern Gold Coast bay region of Kirra and Coolangatta to rest with their baby calves. As these calves are inexperienced, they often get caught (as too the adults) in the nets and may die.

It is time for this to stop.

The process of removing the shark net is cutting it from the mammal which in turn damages the shark nets costing taxpayers money to repair or replace, not to mention the rescuers time and money, as well as risking their own safety.

I believe it is time for the Queensland Labour Government to remove Shark nets from our coastline during the humpback whale migration season and replace them with baited drum lines.

This way the community is still reasonably safe and the whales and other marine animals such as dugongs are turtles are also protected. 

This would be from June until September which also has many fewer swimmers in the water due to cooler winter temperatures.