Get more than 1 over night paedatrican at Caboolture hospital

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On a quiet Friday in March I had to rush my 4year old son to Caboolture Emergency Department for laboured breathing. Once we made it to seeing a doctor they said they didn't have the ability to deal with him and wanted a paediatrican. Over night there is one paed consultant and 2 registrars. They have to manage children in emergency, the paediatric ward, special care nursery and any emergency csections. On the night we took our 4 yr old in it was another 27 hours before we saw a paediatrican, thus his treatment was delayed. 3 days later our 3yr old daughter needed to be rushed in as well with the same breathing issues. The poor over worked paed couldn't make it to her for 15hours. I feel that at Caboolture hospital the work load for the paeds is too much for just 1 consultant and their 2 regs, They need 2 or 3 consultants and a handful of regs to cope with the work load. They are truly wonderful doctors but overnight they are really over worked. 

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