SE Qld Holistic Precinct for People with Special Needs, Elderly and local communities

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There are clearly limited services available in the greater Brisbane Area to support mental health and well-being for special needs people. We seek the support of the Municipal and State Government to set up a Holistic Precinct for people with special needs, elderly, multicultural and local communities. This centre will include various activities hubs, such as Art/Craft sheds, Pottery shed, Carpentry shed, Urban farm, Performance Arts centre, gym/physical activities shed, therapeutic horse riding, veggie patch/gardening, etc. We envision the Precinct to have convenient and ample parking, with the short distances to any hub, cosy secluded and quiet spots for rest and chill-outs, supportive staff (80% of special needs workforce) and nurturing environment, fully adjusted to the needs of visitors.

1.     The new site will give much anticipated hope for families to feel more secure about their kids future; it will offer numerous a one-stop destination for various daily activities for children, adults, elderly. It will relieve the support services of endless tasks of finding interesting and engaging activities for their clients. 

2.     NDIS roll-out in July 2018 through the whole SE Queensland will give people an opportunity to utilise the NDIS funding for meaningful, enjoyable community participation activities, get more extensive support services and seek new venues for re-connection and self-fulfilment – which our Precinct will offer with various NDIS providers of services on site.  

3.     The Precinct will provide an employment opportunity for otherwise homebound disabled youth and adults, and nurturing environment for them to blossom, feel accomplished and a part of the wider community. An increasing rate of young adults with special needs dropping out of schools and remaining unemployed (currently 79% of unemployed adults) puts enormous strain on the society and government support. Research and actual successful interaction with animals and withdrawal from human-to-human interaction for special needs drives our community and parents to look at options outside traditional schooling environment. The lack of options to feel included drives the anxiety, depression, suicide attempts rate up and we need to look at all options possible to give hope and brighter future!

The Precinct will re-establish the connection with the society and a feel of belonging for many special needs individuals, offer more meaningful environment for elderly, various programs will have a significant impact on the healthier and happier lifestyle for all groups and communities involved. Most importantly – this Precinct main goal is to be an ALL-INCLUSIVE, nurturing and friendly environment.

We want to ask you to support this petition, to help us get our voices and needs heard, to get the major decision makers in the local and State Government understand our needs and our concerns for the future. This Precinct will be the first in Queensland and Australia and will set a great precedent to similar centres to open.