Royal Commission into Mine Safety and Health in Queensland

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Stuart Vaccaneo
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A Royal Commission is the only real hope of identifying the number of cancers eating away at Safety and Health in The Coal mining Industry in particular' and also in the Metal Mines and Quarries in the State of Queensland.

The Industry is in a Safety and Health Crisis, the reasons are many and varied, and each of us has our opinions.

The public silence from those employed in or around the industry is the most disturbing thing of all.

Continual multiple allegations of victimisation, bullying, harassment and discrimination against workers raising legitimate Safety and Health abound.

There has not been a Coroners Inquest into the death of coal mine worker for anyone after December 2010. Somewhere between 16 and 20 coal mine workers have died without an Independent. Public Investigation in that time.

In 20 years no Mines Minister from either major political party has ever ordered an Inquiry into the death of any single or number of fatalities.

The current administration did not and has not even ordered an Inquiry into over 100 workers (and rising every day) being diagnosed with Black Lung Disease. A debilitating, largely un-treatable and ultimately deadly life shortening disease.

The situation is beyond the ability of Government Bureaucracy or State Parliamentary processes.

The must be a Royal Commission set up immediately