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Review Hooning Laws and Police Powers and Responsibility's.

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The current Hooning laws are excessive and discriminatory and very unclear.
For example:
The breaking of traction in the wet or on gravel or grass.... This is an easy thing to do when conditions are not perfect. I am sure many have experienced this and it was not hooning, just a result of road conditions.
The crushing of vehicles (Personal Property)for offences is excessive and unfair.
How is it hooning if you do something on private property, for example, Burnouts at Car Shows, Bike Shows, Drag meets, Short Circuit Racing etc.
Modifications of vehicles is sometimes necessary due to age and un availability of genuine parts.
Law being enforced at a Police officers discretion, this is a contentious area. It is well know in all areas of the community that views differ widely on issues from one person to the next. Police discretion is clearly open to abuse. Police don't have the discretion to impose a speeding fine without proof, they should not be put into a position whereby they are required to act as a decibel meter. This level of discretion, possibly based on a bias toward the Motoring Community, could result in a vehicle (personal property) being crushed.
The day in court occurs after the punishment has been carried out by the destruction of property...if a person wins in court after the destruction of property, the compensation (value) is set by those who imposed the Punishment.
How can a Government impose a punishment of taking someone's personal property, how can the government do this... Government role is to protect Persons and Property,not take it at their (officers, who may have a biased opinion) discretion. Value of a person Personal Property which is crushed upon 2nd offence has the possibility of being as much as a $2000 daily driver to a Person $80,000 custom car. We have no information available to us currently where a punishment for the exact same crime may vary so widely for a second offence. It is believed that even Drink Driving does not carry this high of a financial cost to the individual and certainly have not heard that the vehicle of a drink driver will be crushed upon second offence.
There are already Laws that are sufficient in combatting driving offences. There is no need to add more legislation and Laws that make it more and more confusing for all involved.... waving the BIG STICK TOUGH approach hasn't worked.
What studies have been done to get to the core issues of the hooning problem as represented by government and media.
These issues are some of the problems that have been discussed by many in the Motoring community of Both Car and Motorcycle riders. We want to have the government review these decisions with the intention of ultimately removing the threat of Punishment by crushing a persons private property.
There will be a page at some stage on Facebook where there may be opportunity to have questions asked or answered.


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