Remove Biosecurity Gate to allow Cape York Residents free travel like the rest of QLD.

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QLD as of the 1st June 2020 is Allowed to have free access to QLD except those under Biosecurity which is the Residents of Cape York which not only segregates us from the rest of QLD but is Extremely Unfair.

We all understand the Biosecurity Gate is in place to protect the vulnerable. Fact, We have not had 1 case of COVID19 in the Torres and Cape.

The people of The Torres and Cape have had enough of being Locked up.This is a large part of FNQ that covers a lot of Communities ,there for an extremely lot of people Disadvantaged from the rest of QLD. 

 People from these communities not only require Medical Treatment but require to Operate Businesses to Survive, some of which do not fall under the Gov Legislation of Essential Services.

Many families require to be able to return home to loved ones or visit family, Purchase clothing, purchase household items, collect materials at cheaper prices that are not available, go shopping for cheaper food if they choose, Cars require major Services through Dealerships all the things everyone else in QLD now has access to. This has a Major impact on the whole of the Cape when Some Communities are nearly 400kms from Cairns with other Communities 800+ kms.

The QLD Gov should not segregate Cape York Residents from the rest of QLD. Everyone including those Most Vulnerable would appreciate being treated Equally and be able to travel freely in QLD.