Stop legal car theft!

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We, the petitioners, call on the Queensland Government to legislate against the stealing of cars by tow truck companies working in cahoots with car lot owners. Cars should be towed away only if they are blocking a public thoroughfare or causing significant danger to other people.

In Brisbane, it costs a minimum of $550 to recover a legally stolen car. This lucrative predatory practice is costing Queensland taxpayers millions of dollars every year. Parking lot owners are leaving their vacant yards open every night with insufficient prominent signage in the hope of luring unsuspecting drivers.

A store owner in a small suburban shopping complex states his body corporate receives mail from tow truck companies offering "incentives" (kick backs) per impounded vehicle. For more information on what is happening in Brisbane car parks, please watch Nine's A Current Affair from May 19th (this year):

Drivers who have their cars stolen in this way are exposed to danger in that they have to find alternative means of transport home, often very late at night when they may not be carrying sufficient cash for a taxi, or even a phone. Lone female drivers are regularly finding themselves in difficult situations late at night because their cars have been towed away.

If someone were to trespass peacefully on your property, either inadvertently or with intent, you are forbidden from taking vigilante action against either their person or their property. Why then is the law different for tow truck drivers? Why are they legally entitled to steal people's cars and then demand exorbitant ransoms for their return?

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