Protect our children

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On Saturday Willow Dunn was murdered by her father -

Then two boys were found malnourished and in horrific conditions locked in a room of their fathers house the next day

unfortunately this is not the first time a child has suffered and slipped through the gaps in our system. The death of this precious girl must NOT be in vain!! There MUST be a review and reform of an outdated and weak system that does NOT prioritize the wellbeing of the children. 

The current system in place that is designed to care for and protect our most vulnerable citizens, is broken. This petition is to request an ENTIRE review/reform of the current systems and procedures. For the state Government to look to introduce [open] adoption programs, birth mother support programs/adoption options, and stronger systems and protective services for our children in OOHC and the carers who have them in their care. From beginning to end there are currently too many holes and problems and the government is responsible for the neglect of an entire generation of vulnerable children. Change MUST happen and it must happen NOW. Our system values biology over belonging and permanency no matter the cost. It does NOT advocate for the children above all else - and it must! Out of fear of repeating our horrific history, we have entirely abandoned any passionate advocacy for vulnerable children. 

This petition will be taken to meetings with ministers, local politicians and those in the position of power to make change and are not currently doing so. It will be used to add volume to our advocacy for vulnerable children. We MUST do better.