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Keep Queensland's Public Hospitals Strong!

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Queensland Government puts YOUR Healthcare at Risk


The Queensland government is putting the healthcare of every Queenslander at risk by forcing experienced senior doctors out of public hospitals.


This is bad news for patients because:


  • Waiting list times will increase


  • Those who can afford private healthcare will be treated by the most experienced specialists, while those who have no choice other than to use public hospitals will be treated by less experienced, less knowledgable doctors. 


  • Quality of care in public hospitals will decrease, increasing the risk of bad outcomes to patients



The Queensland Government is forcing a change of contract for all hospital doctors working in the public health system.  


The changes will allow Queensland Health to alter their working conditions:


Imagine working for an employer who could send you without notice and for an unspecified amount of time 2000km away from you family and friends.


Imagine working for an employer who could sack you without notice for doing what you believe is right for the patient because it may 'risk the profitability of the Service', and with no real way to appeal.


Imagine an employer who forces you to work antisocial hours and cuts your pay by 30%.


That is what Campbell Newman’s Government is doing.


Senior doctors are outraged by the Government’s new contract and are leaving the public health system to work privately and interstate.  Many have already resigned or have cut down their hours.


This means that there will be fewer experienced doctors left in the public system to treat you and your family.


When senior doctors leave the service, they take with them their years of experience and knowledge which cannot easily be replaced.


Not only will public patients receive care from less experienced doctors, but also the next generation of doctors will not be trained by experienced senior doctors.  The result is a loss of knowledge and skill that cannot be replaced and is to the detriment of public patients.


Doctors working in the public health system are not in it for the money.  Rather they believe in the system they work for and that trained them.  


The Queensland Government’s new contract will cause massive harm to our public health service, as it causes the erosion of medical experience and knowledge.


Would you put your life in the hands of an inexperienced doctor?  Because that is what Campbell Newman is asking you to do.


Tell the Queensland Government that Queenslanders deserve QUALITY healthcare.  That means supporting the Doctors who provide it.


This isn’t just about doctors or the public healthcare system, anyone who is a nurse, teacher or police officer should pay close attention, because they are next.

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