Increase penalty for failing to secure load

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Failing to properly secure items on or in vehicles (rooftop carriers, utes etc) has taken the lives of other road users and will continue to until harsher penalties force people to take the time to secure their load effectively.

Apart from creating or contributing to traffic accidents and damage to other vehicles, unsecured items that come loose can be a deadly projectile to more vulnerable road users (motorcyclists, cyclists etc)

The current penalty in Queensland for failing to secure a load effectively is less than $300 and no demerit points. This is significantly out of step with the penalty's for use (or holding) a mobile phone while driving or in charge of a vehicle ($1,000 and 4 demerit points).

The increase to the mobile phone use penalty is applauded as another step to reduce behaviour that can threaten the life of other road users.

Now is the time to force responsibility for another life threatening behaviour.

Increase the penalty for failing to secure a load effectively to recognise how recklessly dangerous this lack of responsibility is - increase the fine to a minimum of $500, 3 demerit points and in the event where it is directly associated or contributes to a vehicle accident and or loss of life then charges up to and including manslaughter.