6 Month jail sentence for Ashley Parkinson

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To all of you who know what happened and to any person who loves Animals.

We all can agree that Ashley's actions towards his dog and foremost his unremorseful behavior following the aftermath of the court' hearing was despicable. A probationary period is not ENOUGH! People that will beat such helpless, unconditional and all loving sentient beings must be slammed, we all can agree with that.

I feel that we, especially us Queenlanders' hold a high standard of looking after our pets and ensuring that they live a prosperous and happy life. We need to become stricter in our Animal protection laws seeing as the world is changing so rapidly and some people are just 'ok' and 'fine' with beating animals.

If we cannot stop all the animal abuse in the world, lets at least stop it here in our sunshine state of Queensland.

I propose that Ashley Parkinson receives a harder penalty, that of which is over a 5 month period, including probation afterwards.

If we stricken down on Animal Abuse it will most certainly lead to less violence. And more love for our furry friends. Thanks for reading this petition guys, if you feel the same, sign this and lets see some justice served and set an example for any other sickos that like to kick their animal. I'm gonna go pat my dog.