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None of the Above.

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today, anjd before the results are in, I would like to point our the ridiculous electoral system we have in place in Queensland.

Attached should be a pic of my ballot paper, i was given 4 options and required to vote for every candidate in order of preference.
We should not be forced to vote for people against our will, regardless of which party we want to support we should not be force to also vote for the party in opposition to our will.

Currently we are forced to vote by selecting what we believe to be the lesser of two evils, and then voting for the greater evil anyway (at a lesser preference). I want the electoral system changed so the the politicians reminded their term of leadership is still a public service and not to serve their own self interest. I want a politicians that fails to do what they have said to feel the backlash of the community.

our current Queensland government was voted in because we could not stand the last one, and now we will probably vote the last ones back in because we cannot stand the current ones..Nothing was changed, our government is still failing to listen and put its people first.

To effect my call for change, I put forward the following changes to our electoral system.

I call for the addition of "none of the above" on the voting ballot under who i want to vote for.

I call for the removal of the requirement to vote for every parties, one is enough more it you choice, not a requirement.

I call for the addition of a second column where we can actively vote against parties.

I call for policy where any candidate is voted against by at least 51% of votes that that candidate is banned from standing for election in that area for at least 5 years. (this election and the next)

I call for policy where is none of the above secures a majority that all candidates are banned from standing for election in that area for at least 5 years. (this election and the next)

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