Reverse the cancellation of Music Technology Program

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The proposal to cancel enrolment in Griffith's MuTech degree is a decision that is not made in consideration of the current music industry. Griffith has a reputation for producing highly skilled audio students, and we ask that you sign this petition to continue the devlopment of young musicians. Brisbane's arts community needs all the help it can get right now. Please do what you can by signing!



There is a huge disparity in quality of music technology courses offered at similar institutions. Griffith's MuTech staff are unrivalled in this state and constantly showcase their excellence on an international level. This is reflected in the high achievements of Music Tech students, the industry success and academic awards for teaching that have decorated our fantastic lecturers.Staff answer questions, assuage concerns and engaged in interesting discussion of music outside the discourse of the tertiary sphere.  Lecturers here go out of their way to properly educate students. The great thing about studying here though, is not that they go out of their way. It's that they genuinely care - and that care is something that's tangible and important to any students who may need encouragement, help, or just advice. This is not exclusive to my lecturers and tutors - This same nurturing attitude comes from the tech support staff too. This is an attitude shared across the whole campus. There is unity within the staff and the students - nothing less than 100% will do. The music technologists here are educated to be better than their peers, and the expectations of students are significantly greater here than at other institutions. When Music Tech students graduate from Griffith, they are already performing at the level expected of prospective employers.

I, like many others, was inspired to apply for the music tech course by current and former MuTech students. I have seen the quality of their work and the honing of their skills during their time here - and I have seen how many of those students have applied their skills to a job within a dynamic and changing music industry. I have seen those who aren't engaged in full-time work in the music industry record critically successful music.

Us MuTech students revel in the cross-pollination of performance and audio engineering. We take great pride and inspiration in the dedication of the Bachelor of Music students, and that feeling is reciprocal. Gone will be the opportunities for us to attend QCGU concerts - as music-lovers but also as audio engineers who take great care in capturing the performances of students. Whether it's a concert recording, using the facilities to document some repertoire or recording music for commercial release, each BMus student will see great benefit in collaborating with MuTech at some stage in their academic career. Without the expertise of the MuTech community, would it be unreasonable to assume that in trying to record music for these contexts, it could potentially prove costly and additionally stressful (for students who generally have a low income during study, and enough stress to last 3+ years)?

To deny a cohort of intelligent, creative musicians this opportunity would be Brisbane's loss, and perhaps have the effect of diverting Music Technologists to Sydney and Melbourne. In an era of political instability within the arts community, we strongly believe that a show of solidarity is what's needed to reinforce the blossoming arts culture in Brisbane.

I am so grateful for this opportunity. There are so many young creators, willing to travel great distances to have the same opportunities I have had.

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