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Another Great Aussie Tax Grab!!!

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Australia is never shy to put forward new taxes, but this one has got me stumped. From July 2017, the Queensland government has announced they will be applying an ‘Absentee Land Tax’, a further 1.5% on any land value over $350 000. This only applies to foreign investors, however as an Australian Citizen living overseas, we too are seen as foreign investors. In other states such as Victoria and New South Wales, this additional tax isn’t applied to Australian Citizens.
Don’t get me wrong, I am all up for maintaining housing affordability in Australia, for Australians. However as a worker that was forced overseas due to the lack of jobs in Australia, I can’t see how it’s fair to tax our own people out of the market. Something that should be mentioned also, is as the property isn’t our Primary Place of Residence (PPR), we already pay a heavy land tax bill for each property-in essence, we already pay an Absentee tax! Personally this has over doubled our land tax bill for the 2017-2018 assessment, which will force us to now sell our property as it’s no longer affordable.

The government has offered a payment plan, however this will also incur a further 9.37% interest charge, accrued weekly. Interestingly the interest is charged at almost 500% of what one can receive in a bank, and 6.5 times your own governments RBA rate of 1.5%. What a way to treat your Citizens!

There was never any advice this tax was even coming. No way to make preparations. If you are charging people this tax who live overseas, then some effort in contacting them would have seemed reasonable and appropriate.

I, and many others, feel the application of this tax is discriminatory towards Australian expatriates, simply because they chose to invest in QLD.

How can one group of Australians be liable for this tax under those rules and others are not?

Hon Curtis Pitt MP, I challenge you to remove the Absentee Land Tax from your fellow Australians, and give everyone a fair go.

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