Restore insurance for Queen's Bands Cheer

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Queen's Bands is a representation of the university's Gaelic heritage and represents the spirit and enthusiasm of Queen's University. Comprised of six separate sections, is represents the diversity of the university as it is comprised of members from all faculties, all years, and of represents a vast difference in the type of students which currently attend Queen's. The brass band is comprised entirely of musicians while the highland dance section is comprised entirely of dancers. However, one particular section (and a crowd favorite) might shortly disband: Queen's Bands Cheer. Recently, Queen's University has revoked our insurance to stunt, meaning the cheerleaders must keep one foot on the ground at all times, thus preventing their ability to perform their provoking cheering. The rest of Bands had felt their lack of cheering and do not agree with the university's decision to revoke Queen's Bands Cheer's insurance. As Queen's Bands is a spirit organization, it should be able to spread its spirit, yet cheer's inability to stunt is impeding their ability to rally the crowd. 

By signing this petition, you are agreeing that Queen's University should listen to our appeal and consider re-insuring Queen's Bands Cheer. Their absence has been felt by other the other sections, by current university students, by the alumni, and even by other bands who we frequently meet at parades (Calgary Stampede, St-Patrick's day parades, Santa Claus Parades, etc...). As a marching Band, we are the best tool for public relations, thus our primary purpose is to accurately represent the spirit of Queen's University and the inability for Queen's Bands Cheer to stunt hinders our ability to accurately portray the Queen's spirit. By restoring the ability to stunt, it would allow Queen's Bands to properly represent Queen's on campus, in the city of Kingston, and at all events in which is performs.

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