Queen's University: Mandatory Anti-Oppression Course

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I’ve seen a few of these petitions going around the past few days so I am following suit and asking that Queen’s University make an anti-racism or anti-oppression course a mandatory degree requirement for all undergraduate students. 

As a school that claims to care about anti-racism, equality and diversity, it is time to bring about some real change. Institutional racism is embedded within every community, including the Queen’s community. It takes work to unlearn racist biases that are deeply rooted in our society.

The purpose of this petition is to ensure that any new incoming students for Fall 2020 and onwards be required to take a course about anti-oppression to graduate in order to learn about the history of oppression and how it influences their own lives and thinking, as well as to challenge their own biases.

Join me in petitioning Queen’s University to implement these changes! You do not have to be a student or alumni, as long as you agree, you’re welcome to sign!