Increase accessibility of Queen’s Mental Health Services.

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Queen’s Mental Health Services must evolve to adequately provide stronger support for all students' mental health issues. With Queen’s adopting a same day appointment system, many have moved from waiting 6 weeks for an appointment to being unable to access them at all. Additionally, the use of a short term care model instead of focusing on prevention and maintenance leaves many feeling unsatisfied with the care they have been given. 

This is not how mental health care should be. 

We want Queen’s to, 

1. Have enough counselors and resources that all students are able to receive help from licensed professionals;
2. Provide timely care for all who reach out;
3. Provide ongoing treatment so individuals can have a space to work on their mental health and see long-term results;
4. End sweepstakes care, allowing individuals to book appointments when needed and not first thing in the morning;
5. Allow students to choose their counselor in order to form a meaningful relationship; 
6. Train professors and staff at Queen’s in mental health literacy;
7. Provide additional resources for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and further marginalized groups, as well as specific resources targeted at various mental health related concerns. 

Within the next 6 months we want,

1. An increase in data collection on appointment numbers, call numbers and overflow appointments 
2. Permission for Queen’s First Aid Campus Response Team to expand their current response services to include response to mental health first aid emergencies on campus
3. A clearer resource list outlining resources on and off campus
4. Mental health literacy training for faculty and staff with protocols to uphold best practices 
5. QMHS undertakes training to become more trauma informed. 

What you can do:

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