Get Queen's University to take action against bird mortality

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Environment Canada has ranked window collisions as the second highest human-related cause of bird mortality.  This issue will only become more prominent with the development of modern glass buildings.  The reflection of the windows often confuse the birds, resulting in birds flying directly into them.  With the development of the new Mitchell Hall here at Queen's we decided it is time that Queen's University took measures to help mitigate the impact that these buildings have on Kingston bird species.  Other buildings on campus identified as threats include; Bioscience Complex, Humphrey Hall, and the new Smith Business building.  Our goal is to write a letter to Queen's University, asking them to look into possible solutions for this issue.  We want to ask them to add window stickers, or even one-way transparent films to these windows to help the birds tell them apart from the surrounding environment. By signing this petition, you are proving that this issue matters to Queen's University students, and to those in the surrounding Queen's/Kingston community.  

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