Queen Regina Elizabeth II.... Guilty... Silencing Witnesses... Lived To Tell..

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before I start telling my story... I wanted to let you know that ... The British Crown did exactly the same to my great uncle, whom was the Head of The Sovereignty. he discovered things, he was put on house arrest, all his kids got deformed... and when I say deformed, I mean mentally deformed, all of them, some died, some lived an died in a mental ward... al of his children.. and he refused to receive salary when he was placed on house arrest ...till death.. he died when I was 8 years old.. I grew up in his image..

here is my story which is identical to my great uncle's story:

I reported Corruption to the Canadian Authorities and RCMP... accordingly, I became the target... 

Original Corruption Report sent to RCMP and later to the Queen

RCMP mother and CRA daughter, shared one male prostitute for sexual favours at the same time for 5 years, for which services they paid with forging his CRA file. corruption report link

Petitioning: Ottawa House of Commons

A. What I am asking for:

I reported the corruption discovered and mentioned above, in return, the authorities came after me.. they deformed me.. below, more details will show the criminals acts of the authorities... the authorities abused their power... and used it to get rid of the innocent witness who reported the corruption.

Kindly grant me as a Canadian citizen the chance to present a case of abuse of power - resulting in serious violations of the very basic human rights... my human rights as a human being were Raped by the Canadian Government, RCMP, and The Crown ............

Post reporting the corruption, the authorities opened fire on me; the witness... details furnished below- II was tortured by corrupted authorities there are millions of innocent Canadians going through the same.. on different degrees and levels ... this is not for financial gains.. this is for human rights...

 B. What Happened - Sequence of Events -

On 22nd Oct. 2016, I discovered corruption. Accordingly, I faced – by email and in person- the accomplices; Chris Braid, Teresa Labonte, Natalie Peters.

On 23rd Oct. 2016 at 2:00 AM, Oakville Police; Constable Campbell called me informing me that Chris Braid with 2 policemen are coming to my house.

On 23rd Oct. 2016 at 8:00 PM, my house was raided and I was humiliated, and terrorised.

On 24th Oct. 2016, Chris Braid emailed me with more threats, and called me and was gloating about “what he can do to me”

From that date till today, I became the TARGET of the Crown and Canadian Authorities, RCMP, and Woman Order of Free Masonry.

I was jailed, raped, accused of being a terrorist, and deformed by the Canadian Authorities.

C. Who is Involved:

RCMP, CRA, Justin Trudeau, Oakville Mayor, Oakville Police, Oakville Hospital, The Woman Order of Free Masonry.

D. Background: 

On 22nd October 2016, a Canadian citizen, by chance stumbled over evidences referring to a web of illegal activities, prostitution, tax evasion, and violation to the most sensitive information within RCMP and CRA. Accordingly, the same was reported to the corresponding authorities.

E. Crimes Committed Against The Witness: 

The same authorities, headed by Justin Trudeau, launched a criminal campaign to silence the witness, using the resources that are available at this position of power as a Prime Minister.

Three fronts opened fire on the witness; accusations of being a terrorist, accusations of being (not in good standing) and finally accusations of being (crazy)- (Persecutory Delusions)-(and accusing the witness of being dangerous to herself and others), evidences and witnesses are available.

With spite, hatred, and willingness to destroy and punish the witness, whom was tortured, put on "house arrest", kidnapped, jailed, and dumped in a mental ward with the forceful administration of medication that target the brain's memory, Rape while in ER with an object; the same object was used to collect forcefully DNA from the witness, resulting in permanent deformity.

Reports + Evidences in the "updates" section.

........... after a lot of research, I found out that my case is not an isolated case when it comes to the Crown and Queen Elizabeth Crimes...

On Feb. 25 2013 six judges on Brussels international court found Queen Elizabeth, Prince Phillip, and 37 other elites guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.... when a soldier asked about the status of the arrest warrant, the queen had them dragged out of their house, drugged, and institutionalised... to break them down, deform their memory brain.. AND MAKE THEM AN EXAMPLE for any daring person to ask about anything related to that criminal... … … … … … …




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