Publish the missing QMUL diversity data

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The petition is working! Institutional attention has been gained.

Since our petition was publicised at an institutional meeting last week, a link has been added to the Queen Mary intranet, with a document entitled, ‘Workforce Equality Data 2012-2016’. This document opens into an excel sheet which aggregates selective data from 2012-2016 into composite graphs and charts. We note that comprehensive data for each individual year are not provided, making comparison impossible. Moreover, the data are aggregated in such a way as to render them nearly meaningless. We are pleased to note that our campaign has had an effect, but this upload marks at best a cursory overture rather than addressing the substantive concerns we raise in our petition about data, openness and transparency. Our ‘Where is the Missing Data?’ campaign continues. As a Higher Education Institution, Queen Mary has a legal obligation to monitor and publish data under the Public Sector Equality Duty (Equality Act 2010). For more information see the Equality Challenge Unit page:

kitt price
4 years ago