Stop Queen Mary students from leaving items on library desks and returning hours later

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As exam season is fast approaching the number of people wanting to use the library facilities to study independently in the library or computer rooms or use the ground floor to study with friends become more and more popular. Currently, there are some people who leave their belongings behind for hours and hours with some who have even made it into their home! They leave literally all their books overnight on the desk and return next morning and then the cycle continues. It is understandable if you leave your books for 1-2 hours for lunch but to be that stingy and leave it all night is completely unacceptable. I believe that the student union and library should implement systems similar to Royal Holloway where library staff actually remove peoples possessions if they have been gone for more than one hour so other people can use the space to study. This will be beneficial to everyone because if you need to revise or study for an upcoming exam but the library is full of people who have gone for hours then please sign this! If this gets a lot of signatures I will present this to the SU and Principal.