Stop the plan for a new 'satellite' grammar school between Whitstable and Herne Bay

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Joanne Bartley
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The government want to fund 'satellite' grammar schools. At a time of funding cuts they have found £200 million to expand selective schools. It is wrong to build a new grammar school on the coast in Kent. We want our schools to be open to ALL local children.

This plan is flawed, and here's why:

- The law doesn't allow new selective schools. A 1050 pupil building in a new town is clearly an illegal new grammar school. It's a backdoor way to avoid the law.

- There is no need for 'selective' places locally. Four local grammar schools admitted 50 pupils without a test pass, plus more than 100 pupils on appeal last year. They clearly have a surplus of school places. Kent County Council's predictions of a need are completely wrong, and based on a flawed point that children "need" grammar schools.

- Two local secondary heads believe this plan will lead to too many school places, they fear this plan will cause a local non-selective school to close.

- The consultation is rushed and undemocratic. Local people are being given just 4 weeks and ONLY the option of a new selective school. Why are they not being asked what sort of school they would like?

The responses to this petition will be submitted as part of the school consultations which close on April 17th. If this school plan is turned down we will survey local people to find their views on education locally. We believe everyone benefits from local schools that have open admissions and welcome every child in our community.