Ask the Commissioners to fully fund the QACPS Budget!

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If the QACPS Budget is not fully funded, our school system will be forced to make substantial cuts — cuts that will affect every student and could potentially cause our schools to decline, which would cause our property values to decline. Our students deserve a first-class education and that requires the County Commissioners to fully-fund the school budget. To that end, we ask you to please support this petition to the Queen Anne’s County Commissioners:

Dear County Commissioners:
We are parents, guardians, and supporters of Queen Anne’s County students and we are respectfully asking you to fully fund the Queen Anne’s County School Budget.
If you do not fully fund the budget, the school system will lose 38 positions. Class sizes are already too large as it is and some schools currently lack instructors for key positions. As just one example, there is no computer science teacher at QACHS. It is hard to produce competitive students when we are not able to provide teachers for vital subjects like computer science. Quite simply, this failure to provide for our students cannot go on any longer.
We know that you have to make tough decisions when it comes to allocating the county budget but education needs to be a priority. Our students need to be a priority. Surely there are other expenditures within your budget that can be cut. For example, we question the fiscal responsibility in funding a $7M library for the county. While a library is a very useful resource, in this instance, it will benefit only a small percentage of people in one part of the county and it will offer no practical benefit to people who live on the other side of the county. Fully funding the school budget, on the other hand, will cost considerably less money, will have a greater impact on a greater number of people, and that benefit will be spread throughout the county.
Our children are our future and we need to invest in that future. We need to give our students the best public education we can, which starts with the best teachers and facilities we can provide. We need to do this in order to produce students who are both competitive in college and the workforce and the only way to do that is to fully fund the school budget.
Fully funding the school budget will help improve our schools and as you know, when school performance improves, property values rise — this is a benefit that positively affects every single property owner in the county.
In closing, we ask you to make our students a priority and to help improve our schools. We ask this of you as parents, guardians, and supporters of students and, respectfully, we demand it as voters.