Québec schools to Announce a SAFE Plan for 2020-2021 School Year

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Recently, the Quebec government has announced that online learning will resume in the fall, in the case of another outbreak of Covid-19. According to a Global News article, “The details of the education ministry’s emergency protocol are still in the works and expected to be shared with school boards and service centres by Sept. 15.” This is problematic, given the fact that most Québec schools start late August. The government is not giving teachers, schools or students enough time to prepare. 

I understand that we are living through uncertain times, but an emergency education protocol needs to be put in place before the end of August. As a student, I want to have an idea of what the fall semester of school will look like. I want answers to my questions regarding the school before the year commences. Above all, I want everyone to be safe and stay healthy. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Additionally, teachers, principals and other staff need to be notified about how schooling is going to work prior to the return to school. 

The goal of this petition is for the Ministry of Education of Quebec to inform students, teachers and parents, prior to the start of school, if it is deemed unsafe to return. In addition, they should let us know if we will be doing online learning or not. That being said, teachers should have a reasonable amount of time to prepare should schooling be done online this fall. 
Sign this petition if you want the Ministry of Education in Québec to give clear-cut answers about elementary and high schools’ return to school in the fall. 
EDIT: As of today, this petition also has the goal to fight for SAFE protocols for returning to school.