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Shut Down PUPPY MILLS in Quebec (biggest provider in North America)

Quebec is the puppy mill capital of North America. This is owing to the fact that Quebec has poor legislation and enforcement surrounding commercial dog breeding operations. The consequence is that there are about 2200 puppy mills in Quebec alone. Half of the canines bread there are sold outside the province to pet stores and wholesalers.
As for the pups, they are removed from their mother when they are just barely weaned and taken to pet stores. Some pups do not survive the long truck rides. The surviving dogs are put up for sale, and sold to any person willing to pay for them regardless of their ability to take care of the pet.
Many people are unaware that when they purchase dogs at certain pet stores, they were bred in puppy mills. Furthermore these puppies will often develop genetic defects or other health problems due to over-breeding, inbreeding, and unsanitary conditions at the puppy mills.
Currently, the federal animal cruelty laws offer little punishment for puppy mill owners; therefore the breeders pay the fine and continue breeding.
Together let’s pressure the Quebec government to draft new animal welfare regulations to enforce harsher penalties for those who run puppy mills. Even more importantly let’s shut down puppy mills in Quebec altogether.

Letter to
Quebec Government
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Quebec Government.

The province of Quebec has the highest instance of puppy mills in all of Canada. It is estimated that we have about 2200 of these cruel breeding facilities. And for what reason do they exist? They exist in order to reduce the cost of raising puppies for breeders and lower the cost of buying a dog for commercial sellers. But we mustn’t forget that these are dogs are animals and not merchandise. The conditions the animals in these puppy mills are brought up in are monstrous. The breeding mothers are forced to have two litters a year from the moment they arrive at these puppy mills. Many of the breeding mothers never see the light of day, when they can no longer reproduce they are simply killed. We cannot continue letting this happen right beneath our noses. New animal welfare regulations and harsher penalties for those who breach them must be put in place. We urge you to not let puppy mills exist and be able to make profit on innocent dogs in Quebec. They need to be shut down.


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