Back off La langue and STAND WITH the People

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It is absolutely disheartening to be told as we are in this horrendous period of our lives, we are smacked with another mistreatment imposed by the Quebec Government. 

Sig. Simon Jolin-Barrette + QC Gov. has decided now is the PERFECT time to impose additional resources for notre police de la langue, while members of our society are still reeling from unemployment, lack of work stability, social distancing, and hello -- trying to navigate life. 

As quebecois, we shouldn't allow this government to use such funds to instigate further annoyances and sanctions that, for all honesty, won't further our businesses, economy, and will only bankroll the QC government -- whom BTW did they actually help us during the early days of this pandemic? I'm pretty sure my direct deposit read federal.

We should keep in mind for those who PREFER to read in English, the QC government insulted english journalists for being biased.

There has been an underlining and unspoken truth that the cluster of people who support 'language' police are the same one-sided group who insult BIPOC and anyone who would like to be spoken in English. For the snowbirds who go down to the sunshine state, don't you notice how harmonious English + Spanish is presented?

Are any of the things I said wrong?

If yes, prove it to us, Quebec government. Show the people that you are not unilaterally supporting just ONE piece of the pie. Prove to us that you will not impose the language police and scare off more people into moving to our sister, Ontario. Prove to entrepreneurs like Mario Tremblay of RobertShop that their business matters.

Prove to someone that works hard to provide services in English, French, Spanish, Italian, who LOVES listening to Ginette Reno and Cœur de pirate, follows Madame Isabelle on Instagram, and watches Pierre Bruneau on TV -- that I matter.

For anyone who supports this petition, PLEASE SIGN and if you could - provide a personal note/anecdote on why this is important to you as well.