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A solution to the overheated schools

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During the last week Quebec has been dealing with some extremely high temperatures. 

Here in Quebec we are used to the snowy winters where school sometimes is canceled due to the extreme weather conditions, but we think it's also about time we talk about the heat.

Many students, parents and even teachers have been talking about this problem for a while now but as students we have decided it's time to take action. It's simply TOO HOT in our schools. We aren't asking for you to change the weather, only adapt to it and offer solutions. 

Lately our classrooms have been about 32 degrees celsius. Not only is this extremely uncomfortable for students and teachers but it is also unsafe and unhealthy. Here is a list of heat related illnesses our teachers and students can get whilst enduring this temperature, many already have been affected by these illnesses.


Heat rash (prickly heat)
Heat cramps
Heat edema 
Heat tetany 
Heat syncope
Heat exhaustion 
Heatstroke (sunstroke)

Many students and teachers are also coming home with other illnesses caused by the dehydration and fatigue that comes along with these temperatures. I myself was sick with a cold and fever for a few days.

Students also have a very hard time learning or concentrating. 


So if we as students aren't learning anything at school then why are we still asked to show up during these weather conditions. If nothing is being learn't then we do not want to go to school just to come home with an illness.

"We have seen our government, at the behest of industry, spend millions on wifi, equipping and training staff with portals for e-learning, interactive smart boards and tablets for uncertain pedagogical gain, but we have invested almost nothing in the minimal requirements for learning: a school with an acceptable temperature." - Montreal Gazette

Working in extreme heat puts stress on a person’s cooling system. When heat is combined with other stresses such as hard physical work, loss of fluids, fatigue or some medical conditions, it may lead to heat-related illness, disability and even death.

"Anybody working in extreme heat may face these risks. In Ontario, heat stress is usually a concern during the summer. This is especially true early in the season, when people are not used to the heat. It is important to understand the symptoms and take preventative measures against heat related stresses in order to function effectively in such conditions." -  Canadian Government 




So here is what we as students are asking for. 


If you (Quebec) can not afford to implement air conditioning into our schools then we ask that school be closed when the heat is unreasonable.

We want new rules made as soon as possible. We know that the temperature will start to decrease soon but we want to plan for the future.



The Students of Quebec

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