Detroit Become Human: Markus and Simon DLC ?

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I would like to send this to David Cage, - maybe Adam? - if it gets enough supporters.

They honestly deserved to be canon. I, and a lot more people think Markus and Simon has more chemistry. It just makes more sense.

  • First of all, Simon is willing to give the leader role to Markus without any questions.
  • The parallels. They are very obvious, Simon and North say very similiar things if one of them dies.
  • If you decide to let (romanced) North get shot, you have the chance to talk about her to Simon.He does not reply, he looks quite sad, when Markus says "She meant everything to me." to be honest.
  • In the other hand, if you talk about Josh, Simon says "He gave his life for our cause."
  • Obviously. The Our Hearts Are Compatible scene. North simply says "Our cause will die." while Simon says "You'll die, and our cause will die with you". And - obviously - the fact that Simon can give his heart to Markus as well. Why, if they are ,,just friends"?
  • Just those glances. Even if Simon wasn't romancable, it's kind of clear that he is crushing on Markus.
  • Simon agrees with Markus, almost everytime. He is not pacifist, nor violent. He just agrees with him.
  • Even if Markus gets kicked out of Jericho, Simon seems like he wants to reach out after him, he doesn't want him to go.
  • That hug. Needs no caption.
  • Why would you give us the option to follow Simon if it means nothing?
  • He is willing to sacrifice himself for Markus, anytime. It's obvious that they care for each other.
  • The ending scene, where Markus and North kisses. No lies, Simon just looks like he is dead inside.
  • The amount of Simkus, Sikus, Simarkus - whatever you prefer - fans out there are just incredible


 - Chloe, @twdguwus on Instagram.