Detroit Become Human: Markus and Simon DLC ?

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Things I forgot to mention.

Someone on reddit gave me some other things I forgot to mention. So here are they.

  • North will be upset if you do not follow her at the docks. If you do not follow Simon, he does not get mad. In fact, if you follow him instead of North, he says that you should follow North instead, prioritizing Markus' safety over company.
  • If Markus fails to destroy the drone, North will scoff in disappointment, Josh will ignore him, and Simon will ask if he is okay, patting his shoulder.
  • In Jericho, when hatching a plan, Simon will put his hand on Markus' shoulder and plead that he makes it back safe. Neither of the other two Jericho members do anything equivalent
  • If you sacrifice androids to save Simon's life in the violent final attack, Simon will express guilt for Markus saving his life, and will be both in disbelief and appreciative.
  • If Markus gets kicked out of Jericho Simon will be reluctant to agree to Markus being kicked out. He ultimately agrees, but not without a saddened expression.
  • Simon gives his life for Markus in a total of 4 instances, all in which his last "breath" is spent making sure Markus is okay. In one instance, Markus puts his hand on Simon's cheek to check on him. In another, it is exchange of hearts.


Fanni Apatóczky
3 years ago