Detroit Become Human: Markus and Simon DLC ?

Carl even said it himself, "The world doesn't like those who are different, Markus. Don't let anyone tell you who you should be." What he said created a big opportunity for an optional Markus x Simon romance path, especially since people who are LGBT are a great example of when Carl said, “The world doesn’t like those who are different.” People who are LGBT also have had to grow up, learning to live through a lot of hate and injustice, essentially, not letting “anyone tell them who they should be.” They have to learn to not let the negativity of others stop them from living and being happy. One of the reasons why those lines are so impactful because we are all human and love is love and these lines can be applied to other people of different religions and races as well.
Markus x Simon deserves to be canon as an optional romance path for Markus because the chemistry is THERE, and many other reasons. Plus, the path was already written(?) so why not give us the option to choose, since me, and every other person who signed this petition (and probably even more), would more than love to at least have that option.

Coco M, United States
10 months ago
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