Quality and Reliable Water Services from Maynilad for Cavite Residents

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When Maynilad first started providing water services to residents of Cavite, it was relatively okay to say the least. However, as months passed, the service started to deteriorate fast. People live in constant fear of unannounced water interruptions ranging from a few hours to several days. To make things even worse, Maynilad is unable to provide water tankering services to all affected residents. Most have to make do with buying expensive purified water (if budget allows) or brave the long and winding lines in deep wells just to get a few buckets of water.

In rare occasions when water is actually available, the problem is the very low water pressure. Residents at the far end of the main distribution pipes, only get water droplets from their faucets. At this rate, it would take an eternity and an individual with a truckload of patience to actually fill a pail. Mind you, this is a perennial issue which up to now remains unresolved. It is a daily torture for most residents because water is available for a very limited time period only which tragically falls on either very late-night hours or extremely  early in the morning when majority of Cavite residents are still fast asleep. But does Maynilad really have a problem with water pressure or is it just plain stupidity which prevents it from addressing this issue? The recent water leak which busted a Maynilad main water pipe (along Coastal Road in Cavite), creating an instant water two-storey high fountain makes me think the latter is to blame.

Swamped by complaints from Cavite residents in social media and on its toll-free customer hotline, Maynilad chooses to ignore them all. It even had the audacity to cut the toll-free hotline service for its Cavite customers. If you do not want to hear complaints, then be responsible enough to maintain a reliable and quality service to your customers!

The people of Cavite have suffered long enough from the very poor water services from Maynilad!!! We have been paying them good money yet this is what we get from them. Together, let us make a stand and demand reliable and quality service we truly deserve! Please sign the petition now!