Qualicum Beach -Better Service - Yes. Near Schools and Homes - NO!!

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Attention: Qualicum Beach Mayor and Council, 


We are disappointed to hear that Telus is AGAIN proposing a higher cell phone tower in virtually the same location as they did four months ago. ( 45 M / 147 feet). 

These locations are not appropriate!

Both locations are in close proximity to two schools, Arrowview Elementary and Kwalikum Secondary. As 5 G is a relatively new technology there is limited scientific data on the impacts. Are we going to risk our children when a location away from residences and schools can be found? 

The cell phone tower would be the first thing visitors to our beautiful community would see as they drive along the 19 A Highway. Is this how we want to market our piece of paradise? 

Our community is also famous for the annual Brant Geese Festival and is an important migratory path for wildlife. Legislation surrounding cell phone towers is outdated and you will be aware that wildlife impact and assessment studies are NOT required. We will have no scientific data on the impact on our wildlife. 

Telus is taking advantage of the fact that people are exhausted from the impacts of Covid 19. Many of us rely on the internet for our employment and require faster internet speeds. We need reliable service for our 911. However, placing a 47 M tower in the middle of a residential area and in the close vicinity of two schools is a terrible idea. 

We are asking our elected officials to inform Telus that this is not the appropriate location. Community guidelines must be clear that our town does not want a cell phone tower in the middle of a residential area and in close proximity to schools. Please ask Telus to stop bullying the people that live in this area.

Please email hsvensen@qualicumbeach.com to formally register your opposition.