Reopening of the NBATV trails to use in a safe manner.

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The closing of the NB trail systems affects many people in a very negative way.  With everything going on in the world peoples stress levels are very high and four wheeling is a great and very safe outlet to clear your mind and your worries alone away from others.  the activity is no more dangerous than standing in a line with 200 people at a grocery store. or walking on the street outside your home passing 50 different people doing the same thing, it is in fact much safer. regardless of whether some people are breaking social distancing rules while doing the activity or not, that is a very real problems in all aspects of life right now and ATV enthusiasts should not be punished for it. With safe and responsible practice there is absolutely no reason to close the trails they are what anyone who uses them would consider essential to there mental health.  Who is to decide what is essential to you and not to me? 

We ask that the trails be re opened to safe and responsible use so many people all over New Brunswick will have the outlet they need in these difficult and trying times.