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We are a group of direct selling professionals who have managed to change our lives and the lives of many others, thanks to the opportunity provided by this industry. We are independent representatives of a leading Asian direct selling company, QNet in India.

For the last few years, we have been in the news for allegedly “duping” people of lakhs of rupees. Chain-marketing/Ponzi scheme/Fraudsters are just some of the many names that we have been called by, many of them unsavory, and it saddens us that such false and misleading information is being spread in the public forum. And all this because we chose to follow a path that is different from many others. A path that allows us to pursue our dream of owning a business, of breaking away from the rat race and becoming an entrepreneur.

Even the Govt. of India has recognised the benefits of direct selling. In 2016, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs was appointed the nodal authority for this industry and guidelines were issued by the Ministry for direct selling businesses to follow. All Indian states were directed to adopt the guidelines and implement them at the state level. To date, 11 states have adopted these guidelines which provides a clear framework for direct selling companies to operate within.

Yet, QNet and law-abiding distributors like us continue to be targeted by law enforcement agencies and the media and painted as being cheaters and scammers. We are simply trying to make an honest living by trying to build a sales business with great products and services.

How is that against the law?
Despite multiple attempts to disrupt the business, we are still here, and alongside the company, we continue to fight.

Here are some facts:
- QNet is a 20-year old company with offices and agencies in over 25 countries. It sells products and services and is not an "investment business" or a “chit fund”.
- Distributors like us earn commissions only on the sales of products and the company only pays us the commission after TDS.
- Vihaan direct selling, which is the Indian franchisee of QNet is fully compliant with the direct selling regulations of the government. Yet, law enforcement and media continue to claim it is in violation of prize chits and money circulation (banning) act.
- The company has a grievance redressal cell if anyone feels they have been cheated or if they want to report any type of misrepresentation of business.
- There is a 30-day refund policy for those who decide this business is not for them.
- The company and the distributors have never been convicted in any court of law despite all the FIRs being filed in different jurisdictions.
- In fact, the High Court of Telangana has issued a no-action order in favour of QNet distributors who are working in compliance with the direct selling guidelines.

Our complete faith and belief in the legal system are paying off. The series of orders in recent months in favour of the QNet business and the distributors have not only given legitimacy to our work, but also presented an opportunity to come to you, the public, and present a strong case based ONLY on facts.

Direct Selling is a proven economic driver in many countries around the world. When regulated with the appropriate laws, the industry has flourished and contributed positively to the socio-economic growth of countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, and the US, where the industry first began. Even our neighbours in Bangladesh have recognized the power of the direct selling industry and passed the multi-level Marketing (Control) Act in 2013.

Direct selling emerged in India in the 90s and in the last 20+ years has benefited thousands of Indians with economic and personal growth. India is part of the ‘billion-dollar’ club having generated nearly USD 1.2 billion in revenues from direct selling in 2017.

Despite the lack of clarity in the definition of the business under the law in India, the industry has thrived and grown at a steadily increasing rate. An estimated 50 lakh people are involved in this industry in India earning an income either on a part-time or full-time basis.

Direct selling is one of the fastest growing self-employment opportunities, pegged to grow by 2025 to over 1 crore individuals (more than 10 million) as direct sellers.

In a country, where unemployment is rife, can we afford to ignore this scale of opportunity and growth?

Help us correct the rife misinformation about QNet and direct selling. Help us raise awareness and appeal to the government to stop law enforcement from harassing innocent law-abiding citizens from making an honest living.

Please sign this petition to support small entrepreneurs who are not just improving their lives but also helping others.
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