Temporary Parking Solution - Springfield Central Station

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Due to the huge growth in the Springfield, Springfield Lakes, Red Bank, South Ripley areas the Springfield Central Station car park is no longer suitable for the amount of train travelers trying to commute to work each day.

By 0715 cars have no choice but to park on the nature strip so they can commute to work, there are no other alternative options for parking as the Train Station is surrounded by roads that have unused bike lanes, there is highway and then a shopping centre where travelers can not park. 

Ipswich City Council has now started issuing tickets to people who park on the nature strip, people who have no option of parking else where so they have to park there to get to work. They can’t get the bus to the station as they have children to take to daycare, school etc. etc. and go straight to the station to go to work.

A lot of the travelers who need a car park are working mums and dads who do not need the added stress of worrying about trying to get a car park so they can commute to work or to worry if they will have a $90+ ticket to deal with.

A new multi level car park will be built and works will commence shortly BUT this does not solve the current issue.

I am asking you to please sign this petition to pressure Qld Rail and the Ipswich City Council to arrange a temporary parking solution until the new car park has been built. 

Thank you