Stop trespassing vegans. Where is the justice?

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A helpless family and their business were affected on the 23/3/19 by vegan activist trespassing. As reported in the media, no one has been charged yet. However the summary of offences act qld states that - "Criminal trespass. In Queensland, you have the right to privacy in your home or at your business. If a person violates this right, they may be committing the offence oftrespass." The families home and business were both attacked at once. Under the Summary Offences Act a person must not enter into, or remain in someone’s house or yard, or business premises without their permission, unless they have a lawful reason to be there. However even when asked to leave the activists remain on the property. There has been so much evidence recorded on social media of this trespass however no action from law officials have been made. With no official charges made this means that vegan activist groups will keep having the power to trespass on other families' businesses and homes.

Make a stop now so farming families do not have to live in fear of bullying, hate speech and threats from vegans on their own properties. Attacks like this put lives of those families, employers and animals on the property at risk. If this trespassing remains there will be major bio hazards that can kill both people and animals. Sign the petition to make trespassing laws stronger within our state and make justice for the family who is now living in fear of another attack. The law is clearly written and it's loud and clear. So the government now needs to step up and be reminded that this state has to do the right thing by the law.