QLD inmates 1 day lock in give them 1 week off their sentences

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I speak on behalf of my loved one and all the other families in Queensland who also have loved ones in a QLD prison.

with stage four lock-downs in QLD from Palen Creek up to the Capricornia correctional Centre have been placed into stage for lockdown.

The inmates do not have a voice so it is now up to their families their partners their wives and girlfriends cousins sisters brothers etc to be there voice.

for each day I invite is in lockdown they should get one week of the sentence I strongly believe this should happen Victoria is doing it so why can’t Queensland.

With these logins the inmates mental health is going to deteriorate and it’s going to deteriorate pretty fast not to mention their Physical and emotional state.

Queensland had stated they would not take away the inmates rights to contact Family emails and letters do not cut it they like to hear their voices also see them through virtual visits not to mention visits within the jails.

I strongly believe and I’m pretty sure same with a lot of families with love ones in jails that it is only fair for every day these inmates are lockdown they get one week of sentencing.

yes there are a lot of inmates that have done the wrong thing however we are all human we still get to go to the shops we still get to go to places we are not locked in our bedrooms or a houses unless we have the Covid why should inmates be treated like this no matter what they have done they are still humans.

so please share this petition around we need as many signatures as possible to try and make this happen