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My Licence hurts my feelings

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The Qld Government has decided to remove gender, height and eye colour from Qld Drivers’ licences because of the potential for discrimination.  This is perhaps the most pointless waste of public resources in the history of public service.  It is also an obvious case of pandering to a very vocal minority and progressing social engineering agendas at the expense of the vast majority of Queenslanders.

The concept of discrimination based on eye colour was a social experiment conducted in a third-grade class by Jane Elliot in 1968.  How we have devolved to this is beyond the pale.

If we are going to go down this track, why not remove the photo for the DL?  I personally find that my photo doesn’t display my many positive attributes and leads to being discriminated on due to my physical appearance.

I am calling on the Qld Government to scrap the horribly discriminatory practice of making me display my photo on my Drivers’ Licence so that I can end the fear I feel of being discriminated against when I am asked to provide it for identification.

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